Step inside our elite performance center and you will be greeted with pre-workout to provide you with the energy you need to work. Midway through your workout you will be given BCAA's to protect your muscles. Finally, pick from a variety of Muscle Milk protein shakes once you complete the grind—because fuel is first. Recovery is an art form to us. We train you smarter, not harder.

We offer many recovery techniques because we want you to come back the next day to train better. Our Normatec Pulse Recovery System helps you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and increasing circulation. Another recovery technique we use is called Cold Laser Therapy which penetrates 6 inches beneath the surface of the skin and targets your cells. This relieves wounds, minimizes scarring and reduces inflammation. The most-notable technique is a metal chamber called Cryotherapy. Members get a two-minute blast of subzero nitrogen to alleviate muscle soreness. Our in house physical therapy specialists, Alan and Dr. Dave, release pain or anything inhibiting our members from reaching their fitness goals. Above all—we want our members to stay hydrated to keep you healthy, energetic and to fight off any illnesses. Our IV Vitamin Drips hydrates you faster than drinking water and delivers large doses to keep you at your best.